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EmergingSF Honors Native Land

EmeringSF #HonorNativeLand in Yelamu – Ramaytush Ohlone Territory aka San Francisco – The purpose of these statements is to show respect for indigenous peoples and recognize their enduring relationship to the land. Practicing acknowledgment can also raise awareness about histories that are often suppressed or forgotten.

Through Kanyon Konsulting we want to inspire ongoing action and relationship. Acknowledgment by itself is a small gesture. It becomes meaningful when coupled with authentic relationship and informed action.

ACORN.WIKI Spring Fundraiser

Come enjoy a lovely late spring Sunday with us in Ohlone lands in the village of Huchiun (downtown Berkeley) in our fundraiser to support Native Californian Language Revitalization. From 3 pm on until the sun sets, we’ll have a fantastic day together filled with music, locally-made goods, delicious food, drinks and more, with all funds going to support Native Californian Language Revitalization and the local artists who contribute to this event.