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Who is #RoamingOhlone?

An accurately depicted figurine indigenous to the Bay Area of California. Ohlone Territory – representing regalia.

Roams various lands, educating people about respectful cultural protocols. We all live on OCCUPIED INDIGENOUS/NATIVE LAND. Acknowleging Indigenous Protocol, learn more here:

Learn about the original people and names

I stand 2 1/2 inchest tall, and I’m part Powhatan on my makers side. My original mold is part of the Powhatan Indian Toob collection from Safari Ltd.

He has a bunch of photos on Google –

Like meeting Winona Laduke

Participating in Bioneers, honored to see that they are honoring and acknowleding native land #HonorNativeLand

Met Lyla June Johnston and was in her music Video – check out full post and details here.