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Thank you for your interest in ‘Ohlone People: Survivance to Thrivance’! Here you will find information about the film and creators, an educational information guide, and other ways to support the Ohlone community. Please check out all the materials before viewing the film which is linked at the end of this guide.

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Ohlone Community members voiced a concern, and allies in solidarity with Indigenous peoples voiced a desire to assist. So this wonderful educational resource now exists.

Some of Our Community

Gregg Castro [t’rowt’raahl Salinan / rumsien-ramaytush Ohlone], has been involved in the preservation of his cultural heritage for three decades, for both his late Mother’s rumsien Ohlone, and his late Father’s heritage, the since ended ‘Salinan Nation Tribal Council’ (serving two terms as Tribal Chair) and currently the non-profit organization, Salinan T’rowt’raahl. Gregg is a member of the Society for California Archaeology, serving as Native American Programs Committee Chair. Gregg is an Co-Facilitator for the annual California Indian Conference, a 30+ year forum for academia and culture bearers about California Indigenous heritage. He is a co-founder and advisor to the California Indian History Curriculum Coalition, based at CSU-Sacramento, that promotes accurate educational lessons about early state history. He was past board member and adviser with the California Indian Storytelling Association and was also on the Archaeology Resources Committee of the State Historical Resources Commission. He is currently serving as Culture Director of the Association of Ramaytush Ohlone (ARO) in their San Francisco Peninsula homelands and is an Advisory Board member of the San Francisco American Indian Cultural District. Gregg is a writer and activist in the California indigenous community, on issues regarding preservation, education and traditional practices.

Gregg Castro, Grandson, Kanyon Sayers Roods

Our Catalyst and CoConspiritor

Kanyon Sayers-Roods is a Mutsun-Ohlone California Native public speaker and consultant. Kanyon also goes by her given Native name, “Coyote Woman” (Hahashkani). With a background in web design and interactive media, Kanyon has been using her knowledge of indigenous insights and leadership to initiate and facilitate conversations that bridge the gap between indigenous pedagogies and corporate and state entities.

Kanyon has spoken, giving land acknowledgements, keynotes and talks at venues including the 2020 UN Youth Summit for the UN Ocean Decade, Bay Area Youth Climate Summit, SF Asian Art Museum, San Francisco State University, Sonoma State University, Oakland Museum of California, SF Moma, SF City College and the DeYoung Museum and was proud to open the SF Women’s March in November 2020. Kanyon has served on the Native Advisory Committee at CSUMB, as a consultant for EEOC (Environmental Educators of Color) and serves as a board member for NACRI (Native California Research Institute), – All California Oratory Resource Network. Kanyon is an osher fellow with the Exploratorium, and assists the Native American Programs Committee of the SCA (Society for California Archaeology)

Kanyon is a Cultural Representative and Native Monitor (MLD Most Likely Descendant) for Indian Canyon Mutsun Band of Costanoan|Ohlone People. She is OSHA10 certified and works alongside Archeologists in the field offering cultural perspective on today’s common practices and sacred site protections. Kanyon has worked as a teacher’s assistant for Earth Activist Training’s Permaculture Design Certification and uses her knowledge of indigenous pedagogies to inspire transformative climate conversations and strategize for sustainable futures. Her work has been focusing on Cultural Competency, reminding JEDI circles (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) that we need to #HonorTruthInHistory and acknowledge Indigenous protocols to truly restore our relationship to the earth and sacred living systems through reciprocal accountable actions and efforts.

Meet the team

LFK Media helps businesses and nonprofits stand out from the crowd with documentary style video production that attracts true fans. A holistic understanding is at the core of everything they do. That’s why they, Lorenzo & Marisa, combined forces. With Lorenzo’s business background and Marisa’s training in theater they create engaging videos designed to achieve marketing objectives. They have worked with companies such as FaultLine Theater, Z Space, CalShakes, Crowded Fire Theater, and Shotgun Players to create engaging videos and supportive marketing content.

Crowded Fire Theater (CFT) is a vital home for fierce new plays in San Francisco. Known for developing and presenting innovative and provocative new plays, CFT has spent nearly 25 years contributing to the creation of a contemporary canon that reflects the diverse world in which we live. Crowded Fire has been described in American Theatre Magazine as “instrumental in introducing the Bay Area to new writers who push the boundaries of what theatre can be” and “one of the most reliable local stops for high-quality new work by diverse voices.” In addition to a mainstage show season presented as a resident company of San Francisco’s Potrero Stage, CFT offers a robust new play development program: The Matchbox @ Crowded Fire actively supports the creation of high quality contemporary theater through commissions, in-house workshops, and an annual free public reading series.

#RoamingOhlone behind the camera


Hands lifted in appreciation to the amazing beings who helped make this happen

Thank you for your interest in ‘Ohlone People: Survivance to Thrivance’! Please check out all the materials before viewing the film which is linked at the end of this guide.

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Post Author: Kanyon Coyote

Activist, artist, educator – an Indigenous Generalized Specialist

I am Mutsun -Ohlone - California Native two spirit Woman. I am a creative artist ever inspired by nature and the natural world, Catalyst of decolonizing conversations. Contemp/Traditional Artist, Native Representative, Consultant, Advocate of Truth in History, Multimedia Artist, "Coyote", T.E.K educator, and much more - Let’s Talk

⫸CEO of Kanyon Konsulting
⫸Tribal Chairwoman of Indian Canyon Nation
⫸Founder of Indian Canyon Two-Spirit Society
⫸President and Co-Chair of Costanoan Indian Research
⫸Cultural Representative and Native Monitor for Indian Canyon Mutsun Band of Costanoan Ohlone People -

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