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Indian Canyon Mutsun Coloring Book pages

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We produced a few hundred late 2018 and we need more copies, Kanyon and Scott are managing an Indiegogo Campaign to produce more.

The first coloring book was produced in 2014, making its debut at Indian Canyon’s Annual Storytelling Gathering. From there, Kanyon has shared this work with schools, book stores, Universities, Museums, and this book has traveled Internationally.

Snippets within the book

 With the aid of Indian Canyon, her family, and friends – Kanyon created this Coloring Book, with the focus of revitalizing the MUTSUN Language. With the help of Natasha Warner and Quirina Luna’s work with the new Mutsun Dictionary and endless work in revitalizing the language, Kanyon has utilized her art talents to create a fun activity for all ages. She thanks everyone who has helped her develop this book (a big thanks to her father, Richard Roods, for his artistic input and support). Below are our main artist’s bio’s.


is Costanoan Ohlone and Chumash; she also goes by her given Native name, Hahashkani, which in Chumash means “Coyote Woman”. She is proud of her heritage and her native name (though it comes with its own back-story) and is very active in the Native Community. She is an Artist, Poet, Published Author, Activist, Student and Teacher. Daughter of Ann-Marie Sayers and was raised in Indian Canyon, trust land of her family, which currently is available for anyone in need of ceremony. Kanyon’s art has been featured at the De Young Museum, The SoMarts Gallery, Snag Magazine, and numerous school projects. She is a recent graduate of Art Institute of California, Silicon Valley, with a major in web and graphic design. She is motivated to learn, teach, and continuing doing what she loves, Art. > <


 a self taught traditionalist of Canadian and California tribes. She has been adopted into the Ohlone tribe in Watsonville, the Amah Ka Tura band. She is well read and knowledgeable of Ohlone Native Stories, songs, as well as a talented artist. Constantly working on the clothing and regalia for native ceremonies and gatherings, along with her art and jewelry. She ever strives to honor the ancestors of whose land she is on, Ohlone Territory. 
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