Native California Research Institute

This nonprofit public benefit corporation is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Corporation Law of California (“California Nonprofit Corporation Law”) for public purposes.

The specific purpose of the Corporation shall include without limitation the sponsorship, implementation, logistical, and/or financial support of:

Research and documentation projects focused on the history and cultures of the Native peoples indigenous to present-day California past, present, and future, and the public dissemination of information and knowledge about the same;

Archival projects focused on best practice cataloguing, digitization, curation, storage, and preservation of artifacts, audiovisual materials, records, news reports, internet content, email and social media communications featuring the history and cultures of Native Californians past, present, and future;

The perpetuation of the overall California Indian Conference, established in 1985 as the sole forum for the sharing of knowledge, scholarship, and issues of importance related to Native California;

Cultural skills, foodways, and materials classes, workshops, presentations, and program series, with an emphasis on those taught by individuals who learned from elders practicing the older ways in the fullness of their old-time cultural context;

Projects focused on the research, documentation, restoration, revitalization, and renewal of California Indian cultural skills and foodways in need of reawakening; andPromotion of best-practice preservation of isolated, unprotected cultural sites on public and private lands.