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March 20, 2020 in Yelamu

Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Gregg Castro, and many other Ohlone and California Native and Indigenous speakers will share perspective Indigenous Lifeways, Cosmologies, and Ecology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco on Friday, March 20, 2020.

This conference, which will consider the continuing consequences of colonialism in California, and the ongoing Native and Indigenous efforts to restore and steward the lands of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, is the fifth annual conference in our successful, consistently sold-out Religion & Ecology Summit series. As in past Religion & Ecology Summits, we anticipate presentations from both scholars and activists.

Panels and presentations at the 2020 Religion & Ecology Summit will discuss the biocultural stewardship and restoration work of Native and Indigenous communities, exploring the interconnected themes of 1) land rematriation, 2) food sovereignty, 3) stewardship of ancestral lands, 4) protection of sacred sites, and 5) climate change mitigation in the context of lifeways and cosmologies. 

This conference aims to build solidarity and support among scholars and activists working at the nexus of land stewardship, Native and Indigenous studies, spirituality, ecology, and social justice. We anticipate that new collaborations and connections will arise among the participants to provide mutual support in the work of developing flourishing livelihoods in the increasingly human-dominated age that some are calling the Anthropocene. 

The Religion & Ecology Summit attracts a regional, cross-sector blend of activists and scholars, including faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students from religion, philosophy, environmental studies, and other departments at local universities; leaders and activists in environmental and ecological justice movements; and faith and spiritual leaders. 


Convened to explore the ways in which ecological degradation represents a crisis of consciousness, the Religion and Ecology Summit, an annual, one-day transdisciplinary conference assembles cutting-edge scholars, thinkers, and activists to share innovative work at the intersection of religion and ecology.

Conference presentations investigate the transformational possibilities awakened when ecological concerns inform religious thought and practice. Scholars and practitioners consider the integration of spiritual perspectives into environmental protection and activism. The Religion and Ecology Summit series attracts a cross-sector blend of activists and scholars from the ecological and environmental justice movements, as well as faith and spiritual leaders-all of whom seek to share strategies for moving through the global ecological crisis with consciousness and heart.

The burgeoning field Religion & Ecology marshals the power of religions and spiritual traditions to address the global ecological crisis through a purpose-driven lens of love, compassion, justice, and community. This movement is providing a new generation of activists, scholars, and leaders with the skills and insight needed to transform practices, worldviews, and consciousness in service of a more just, sustainable, healthy, and flourishing future. The Religion and Ecology Summit series is an effort to strengthen the field of Religion & Ecology by establishing a supportive, intergenerational, and cross-cultural network of grassroots activists, scholars and leaders from the scientific, spiritual, and faith-based sectors who are developing the knowledge and wisdom to respond to environmental devastation from life-affirming and healing perspectives.

Post Author: Kanyon Coyote

Activist, artist, educator – an Indigenous Generalized Specialist

I am Mutsun -Ohlone - California Native two spirit Woman. I am a creative artist ever inspired by nature and the natural world, Catalyst of decolonizing conversations. Contemp/Traditional Artist, Native Representative, Consultant, Advocate of Truth in History, Multimedia Artist, "Coyote", T.E.K educator, and much more - Let’s Talk

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