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Jennifer Darcangelo – Tribal and Cultural Resources Land Consultant, Pacific Gas & Electric Company ´PG&E’s lead cultural resource liaison with Native American Tribes, with the goal of improving awareness of and compliance with cultural resource regulatory requirements and commitments to Tribes. Check out her Pdf of Resources

Planning for Heritage Preservation in Transportation and Land Use Development: Considerations for Tribe-Agency Collaborations

  1. Federal Highway Administration Planning-Environmental Linkages (PEL) Initiative:
    The PEL initiative is a collaborative and integrated approach to transportation decisionmaking that 1) considers environmental, community, and economic goals early in the
    transportation planning process, and 2) uses the information, analysis, and products
    developed during planning to inform the environmental review process.
  2. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) Guidance Improving Tribal Consultation in Infrastructure Projects (April 27, 2017).
    Indicates that Indian tribes should be consulted much earlier in federal decision making, before critical decisions are made that preclude consideration of options for avoiding impacts to resources tribes are concerned about. The ACHP states that, where agencies invest the time and resources to build trust and relationships with Indian tribes, projects proceed in a timelier manner, and conflicts can be more easily addressed.
  3. ACHP Policy Statement: Archaeology, Heritage Tourism, and Education (August 15, 2008):
    It is the policy of ACHP to foster public understanding and appreciation of archaeological resources through heritage education programs and, where appropriate, heritage tourism initiatives while encouraging their conservation for future generations in a spirit of stewardship. This document may be helpful when engaging with planners and nonpreservation professionals.
  4. Intraregional Tribal Transportation Strategy (January 2018)
    This document is a good example of Agency-Tribe Collaborations in which tribal governments have a voice in Transportation Planning decisions. The focus is on transportation; however, there are also considerations for cultural resources awareness in early transportation planning processes.
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    “Provide a safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient transportation system to enhance California’s economy and livability”
  5. Caltrans Tribal Engagement and Technical Assistance Grant Opportunity
    The Caltrans Division of Transportation Planning has retained the National Indian Justice Center to assist with the Tribal Engagement and Technical Assistance (TE/TA) Project, which is funded by the Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Program. This
    is a limited time opportunity just waiting for some creative ideas for collaboration. This is an excellent opportunity for Tribal-Agency collaboration in early transportation planning processes. The below link has information on how to apply.
  6. Institute of Museum and Library Services, Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services Program Grant
    This is a grant opportunity for federally-recognized tribes that is intended to provide opportunities to sustain heritage, culture, and knowledge through strengthened activities in areas such as exhibitions, educational services and programming, professional development, and collections stewardship. The Tejon Tribe used this grant to successfully establish a curation facility. Tribes could partner to establish a shared facility, if desired. The following is a link to the Notice of Funding Opportunity.
  7. Contact:
    Caltrans Division of Environmental Analysis
    Cultural Studies Office
    1120 N Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Sarah Allred
    Native American Cultural Studies Branch Chief
    (916) 653-0013

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