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We recognize that SF MINT history days happens in Yelamu. We are in Ramaytush Ohlone Territory.

The Ramaytush (pronounced rah-my-toosh) are the only original people of the San Francisco Peninsula. In the baptismal records of Mission Dolores, Aramay referred specifically to the area containing the villages of Timigtac and Pruristac. The term Ramaytush became a linguistic designation for a dialect of the Costanoan language that was spoken by the original peoples of the San Francisco Peninsula. Most descendants of the indigenous groups of the San Francisco Bay Area, however, refer to themsleves as Ohlone while a few others use Costanoan. 

The title Ramaytush Ohlone recognizes the Ramaytush as a part of a larger group of the Ohlone/Costanoan peoples who lived in the area of the San Francisco Bay south to Monterey. Prior to the arrival of the Spanish in 1769, the Ramaytush Ohlone numbered approximately 1400 persons and lived in eleven tribelets.
Greg Castro Sharing Educational Resources
SF Mint History Days 2019

GREGG CASTRO – San Francisco History Days: Presentation

Not “Politically” Correct – Historically Correct:
Curriculum for Indigenous California History

Gregg Castro [t’rowt’raahl Salinan/rumsien Ohlone], founder and advisor to the “California Indian History Curriculum Coalition” (CIHCC) based at CSU – Sacramento, will give an indigenous perspective to the personal experience of growing up in the a school system that continues to deny the real facts of what happened to the hundred of thousands of native people of California since European colonization of the 18th century. As People of Color begin to more strongly assert their rightful and lawful place in American society, they also want that society to face the truth of a past the directly and strongly impacts their daily lives today. Gregg will discuss the efforts by native communities to assure that children of today are accurately informed of the past that has shaped their present and future.

California History Society regular history extravaganza at the Old Mint. Along with many other presentations, Gregg Castro, Ohlone and Salinan, and Kanyon Sayers Rood, Ohlone, make presentations about the real history of Native people in California.

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